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Take yourself to the top. Get the professional assistance you need to start your studio or revamp it. Improve your programming and increase retention. Nothing creates success like happy clients and we will de-mystify the business of Pilates for you. Skilled at interpreting the needs of each studio and fitting them to their unique demographics, Pilates Solutions will customize consulting services to meet your precise needs, budget and timeline. We will help bring your vision to life. 

We have done it all -- worked as independent instructors, studio owners and for large Pilates companies. Zoey is the Executive Director for Peak Pilates® and Kathryn is the National Pilates Program Manager for Life Time Fitness®. They have a wealth of industry knowledge spanning over 60 years. As skilled Pilates practitioners they know how to develop students and instructors Pilates skills and knowledge and as successful business owners and industry experts they can also help consult and coach your business to new heights.

This dynamic team has been featured multiple times in Pilates Style Magazine, IDEA Magazine, Pilates Anytime, Peak Pilates Digital Content and more. These internationally recognized presenters are on the cutting edge of best practices and creative programming. Find out what they can do for you.