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April 8th, 12-2 pm CST: Functional Movement - Think Beyond Pilates! with Kathryn Coyle



April 10th, 2-4 pm CST: Reformer on the Mat with Kathryn Coyle


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April 13th, 2-4 pm CST: ABsolutely Fabulous with Kathryn Coyle

Think you know the ab-series think again! We all know the abdominal series of five is infamous - It challenges strength, stamina, stability and flexibility. Learn the proper technique and how to maximally connect your clients to the critical connections. Go beyond the basics and explore building blocks for specific issues, Joe's versions, over 50 prop variations and more creative ways to keep your clients always interested and developing. Free ABsolutely Fabulous mat class to follow at 4pm CST. 

Registration for ABsolutely Fabulous workshop is through Peak Pilates please follow this link. 

​April 21st 3pm-5pm EDT: Tech Neck with Zoey Trap

Digital devices are revolutionizing communication and technology. But at what cost? Tech Neck Syndrome aka Forward Head Syndrome is getting to be epidemic worldwide. For every one inch the head moves forward, 10 extra pounds of extra strain is placed on the spine. Untreated, this posture can lead to flattening of the spinal curve, spinal degeneration, muscle damage, loss of lung capacity volume, disc compression, nerve damage, and even gastrointestinal problems. Learn how to identify and provide solutions to improve this posture that encompass recommendations for both Pilates and activities of daily life.

Registration for Tech Neck workshop is through Peak Pilates please follow this link

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