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Receive 2 Peak Pilates CECs for each workshop

Cost: $60 for 1 or $100 for both

April 8th, 12-2 pm CST: Functional Movement - Think Beyond Pilates!

​Pilates equipment is an essential component of the method not just because it helps correct faulty movement patterns but because it offers resistance training and weight-bearing work that is essential to clients development and success. Learn how to apply your Pilates knowledge to help clients go beyond their mat and bring it into a complete and functional program for them. Additionally, receive business & marketing tips and tricks to help diversify your offerings and set you apart from the pack.

​Props: Weights & some Thera Bands (it's ok if you do not have these props)

April 10th, 2-4 pm CST: Reformer on the Mat 

No reformer? Put the reformer on the mat! Explore how different body weight options, weights, balls and tubing can bring the reformer to life for your clients in a whole new way! Learn how to make the best choices for your students and to expand your virtual Pilates offerings. 

Props: Sponge Ball, Dynaband, Hand Weights (it's ok if you do not have these props)



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